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As with any blockchain system, it's a great idea to familiarize yourself with blockchain basics by reading the Provenance documentation before getting started.

Step 1: Setup a Wallet

Your assets on Provenance are owned by your keys, which you keep in your wallet.

The first step to using Provenance through Figure Tech is to setup a wallet.

Step 2: Buy Hash Token

The utility token native to the Provenance Blockchain is called Hash. Any transaction submitted to the blockchain must pay for the gas fee with this token.

The Provenance website has step-by-step instructions on purchasing Hash through the online marketplace at

Small quantities of Hash may be obtained for testnet using the Faucet at

Step 3: Register for a Figure Tech Account

To use the Figure Tech APIs, you must first register for a Figure Tech Account.

The Figure Tech Account and APIs require the use of the Provenance Mobile Wallet app.

Visit or (for testnet) and click the chain โ›“ icon on the upper right side of the page to access the Connect page. Scan the QR code with the mobile wallet app on your phone. After you connect your wallet to Figure Tech, you'll be prompted to finish the account registration on the website.


At this time, access to the Figure Tech Asset Onboarding APIs is restricted by API Key. Contact Figure Tech for obtain a Key.

Step 4: Mint an NFT

Beginner: Read our Introduction to NFTs on Provenance and try uploading a file-based NFT to the blockchain.

Advanced: Read the Asset Onboarding API docs and try out the API using the Swagger UI

In either case, your wallet does the job of signing and broadcasting your transaction to the blockchain, so keep an eye out for a pop-up window asking you to enter your wallet passphrase to submit your new asset to Provenance.

Step 5: See Your NFTs in the Figure Tech Asset Manager

Congratulations! Connect your wallet to the Figure Tech Asset Manager see your new portfolio of blockchain-based digital assets on Provenance.