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What is an Asset (NFT)?

Assets Figure A: Asset (NFT) Screen

An NFT on the Provenance Blockchain is broken up into two parts: metadata, and encrypted data. The metadata is associated with the wallet address via a scope, sessions, and records which are then tied to the encrypted object score (EOS) via a hash string (where all the pertinent/PII data is stored).

Keep in mind that Asset Manager is meant to be a high level view into your assets on the Provenance Blockchain. It is not meant to be a one-stop shop for viewing all different assets - because the underlying data is so different and Asset Manager would need to be updated each time an asset type changed and/or was added.

Initially, you will be shown a screen that provides a list of all Assets not currently included in a Structure (Figure A). <FUTURE: There will be an option to show/hide assets in structures> This is to help simplify the Assets screen. From here, you can view, search, and Move Assets into structures.